GGR Time Trial #4

Golden Gate Region Time Trial #4, was held at Thunderhill Raceway Park, August 25, and 26, 2K1.

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Jeff Reitmeir, Bob Williams, Rik Winter, Rebecca Newlin

Don Tevini

Mark Havens

Andrew Forest

Todd Harter

Trygve Issacson

Neil Jackson

Ted Hammer

Raoul Procter, Michael Whelan

Heather Annesley

Sandy Swallow

Brian Lee, John Teasley

Jeff Reimeir

George Morris, Ken Park, Pam Jeong, Steve Taty

Anthony Lizano

Tony Heyer

Terry Jacobson, Brian Curran

Juan Pineda

Andrew Forest

John Nelson, Ken Park, Steve Khun

Rik Winter, Bob Williams, Jeff Reitmeir, Rebecca Newlin

Sergio Meza

John Cole

Glen Brooksby

Ted Voigt

Peter Venturini

Dave Evans

Turn 5

John Teasley

Louise Sousoures

Ken Park

Michael Whelan

Evan Williams

Christopher Freye

Scott Yeaman

Patricia Kindred

Jim Stark

James Semien

Randal Barrick

Pete Siemens

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